The John Todd Ecological Design team has extensive experience consulting with a broad range of clients concerning wastewater and natural resources management, such as stormwater and solid waste. Our team works to quickly identify client needs, with their existing project managers, architects, and engineers, from project inception to identify project goals and challenges. This is accomplished through site visits, schematic design studies, presentations, and consulting, ensuring each project receives the full vetting of John Todd Ecological Design’s collective knowledge.

The benefits of implementing Eco-Machine technologies into your development designs include:

  • Every Eco-Machine built by the John Todd Ecological Design team is constructed to meet each client’s technical and aesthetic needs. We can make a wastewater treatment system become a site amenity!
  • Each Eco-Machine installation can be designed to be modular and expanded to meet the demands of growth.
  • Eco-Machines are easy to operate and maintain, utilizing diverse ecologies and simple mechanical systems.
  • Eco-Machines cost less to operate than conventional systems when used to achieve an advanced level of treatment.
  • John Todd Ecological Design’s Eco-Machine technology allows owners to minimize, or in some cases even eliminate environmental impact. Many client sites have zero discharge, as treated wastewater can be reclaimed and used as irrigation or for reuse as toilet fixture flush water.