Dr. Todd to Speak at the Blackstone Water Quality Summit and Eco-Machine Exploration

The Blackstone River Coalition's annual Water Quality Summit will take place on Saturday, February 16, 9:30 - 12 PM, at the Brigham Hill Community Barn, 37 Wheeler Road, N. Grafton, MA, and the public is invited.

The highlight of the Summit will be a presentation about and tour of The Fisherville Eco-Machine and Canal Restorer, an innovative system to remove hydrocarbons and nutrients from the Blackstone River and Canal, located on Main Street in South Grafton, MA.

John Todd,Ph.D., designer of The Eco-Machine and Canal Restorer, will explain how it pumps contaminated water from the Blackstone Canal, filters it through a series of tanks with enzyme-generating mushrooms and bacteria-producing aquatic plants and animals, and releases that "inoculated" water back into the canal to clean the water downstream.

The presentation will take place at the Barn, and then participants will drive to the Eco-Machine site in South Grafton. Then Dr. Todd will conduct a tour of this unique system of natural systems to improve water quality in the Blackstone River and beyond.

In addition, the 2012 Blackstone Watershed Water Quality Report Card will be unveiled and the volunteer water quality monitors will be celebrated. Details of the event and the agenda are attached. Please contact Donna Williams if you plan to attend.

Download the invite here.


Call 508.548.2545 or e-mail if you are interested. Read more about the project here. Team JTED.


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The Fisherville Mill Canal Restorer Eco-Machine is now available for tours!

The Canal Restorer Eco Machine in Grafton, Massachusetts is available for weekday educational programs, field trips and tours. We are currently scheduling groups of four people or more! Call 508.548.2545 or e-mail if you are interested. Read more about the project here. Team JTED.

The Grafton, MA Fisherville Restorer/Eco-Machine built by John Todd Ecological Design.


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The Martha's Vineyard Gazette, August 28th, 2012: "Pond Restoration the Natrual Way"

From the story by Katie Ruppel: "A floating raft of plants and flowers bobs atop a pond, quietly removing excess nitrogen. This is the surface of an aquatic restorer — one of John Todd's many alternative clean water solutions he described to shellfish constables, harbor masters and others at the Tisbury senior center Thursday evening, in a talk hosted by Tisbury Waterways Inc."

Read the rest of the story here.

The goal is to lower the nitrogen level of the ponds by targeting wastewater.


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Dr. John Todd and Nancy Jack Todd to present "A Way Of Seeing To A Way Of Being" at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY - October 12-14, 2012

John Todd and Nancy Jack Todd, pioneers in the science of ecological design and coauthors of From Eco-Cities to Living Machines, guide us in developing our ecological literacy—a practical understanding of the emerging science and practice of earth stewardship.

Recommended reading: Nancy Jack Todd, A Safe and Sustainable World.

Register for the Omega event on October 12-14, 2012 with Dr. John Todd

Register via this Omega webpage.


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John Todd Ecological Design's Jonathan Todd to present " Using applied ecology to manage nutrients locally" at TEDxLAMiracleMile at UCLA's Fowler Theater

John Todd Ecological Design president Jonathan Todd will present "Using applied ecology to manage nutrients local" at the August 11th TEDxLAMiracleMile event at 3:30 PM.

Stay tuned for a video of the presentation.


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John Todd Ecological Design Chosen to Deliver
Eco-Machine to Town of Grafton, Massachusetts

Ribbon cutting on June 14th will see partnership of private investment, municipal leaders and state & federal EPA officials in attendance

John Todd Ecological Design - Grafton Proejct Schematic Workfolow

Woods Hole, MA, June 12, 2012 – John Todd Ecological Design, a pioneer in the use of natural systems for the remediation of impaired water, proudly announces the opening of an ecological restoration project.  The project, a brown field site contaminated with #6 Oil in Grafton MA, is funded by the US EPA.  The purpose of this project is to prove the efficacy of natural systems to remove complex contaminents from the Fisherville Mill Canal.

"The Grafton Project", as it has come to be known, is the first of its kind, using several innovative applied ecologies to eliminate toxic petroleum and other pollutants from the water and sediments. This project is the first to integrate applied ecosystems into an Eco-Machine on a site-wide scale. JTED designs are known for including representatives from all the kingdoms of life to create self-organizing and self-sustaining treatment systems.

Partners in the project include The Town of Grafton, the United States EPA, Massachusetts DEP, John Todd Ecological Design, Fungi Perfecti Inc. Sember Construction, The MA Audubon Society, Blackstone Headwaters Coalition, Clark University, Brown University, US National Park Service, Fisherville Redevelopment Corporation and Eugene Bernat.

JTED's approach to remediation includes microbial, fungal, plant and animal biodiversity supported by engineered habitats for the ecosystems.  Ecological design uses biodiversity in lieu of high-energy mechanical and chemical systems.  JTED has over 20 years of designing and proving the efficacy of this approach to restore contaminated water bodies. 

This environmentally sustainable approach to purification and remediation is cost effective.  This project will demonstrate the removal of #6 crude oil from the adjacent canal and we hope it will improve water quality downstream.


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Visit John Todd Ecological Design at Greenbuild 2011

The Greenbuild Logo -

October 5-7

Booth # 2145

The John Todd Ecological Design Booth at Greenbuild 2011

Metro Toronto Convention Center
Toronto, Canada

Green Drinks Cape Cod

Green Drinks Cape Cod @ John Todd Ecological Design - 8.25.10 - 6-8 PM

John Todd Ecological Design hosts:

Green Drinks - Cape Cod
August 25, 2011 from 6-8pm
1 School Street, 1st Floor Woods Hole, MA 02543

Solutions Journal
Dr. John Todd, John Todd Ecological Design’s Founder, board chair and acting CEO recently published an essay called "Back to Our Roots" in the Solutions Journal Online presence. From the article:

"What if we used carbon as a universal currency? What if people around the world were paid to capture and sequester carbon, particularly in soils? What if enterprises that emit carbon into the atmosphere, including, for example, coal-fired power plants, had to pay for the right to pollute based upon every ton of carbon they emitted? A tectonic shift in the way the world conducts its business, from farming to aerospace, might ensue. Let’s continue the conversation. The stakes are too important not to."
Read the article here.

Media Alert!
John Todd Ecological Design’s Founder and board chair John Todd will be in attendance for the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum “National Design Triennial: Why Design Now?” press preview and invitation-only opening reception in New York City on May 12th & 13th, 2010.
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Media Alert!
Jonathan Todd will attend the Bright Green Conference in Copenhagen Denmark on December 12 and 13, 2009. Mr. Todd and John Todd Ecological Design senior staff can be found in the Cities section, stand 49.
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Dr. Todd to Speak at Bioneers 2009 - Geodesic / Synergetic / Dymaxion Trimtabs - Friday, October 16th - 4:30-6:00PM, 2009 - San Rafael, CA

Dr. John Todd to speak at Bioneers 2009 in OregonThe Buckminster Fuller Challenge, launched in 2007, is an annual global design competition whose $100,000 prize supports the development and implementation of a bold, visionary, tangible initiative that has significant potential to help solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Learn about the prize’s Bucky-inspired design criteria, goals and impacts.
With: BFI executive director Elizabeth Thompson; John Todd, the prize’s first winner, visionary biomimic and ecological design elder; Greg Watson, senior advisor for clean energy technology for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs and Bioneers board member; and a representative from the 2009 Challenge Winner—an MIT Media Lab student team working on visionary urban transportation and mobility.

Here is a link to the event listing.

E/The Environmental Magazine

Fast Company Article mention of John Todd Ecological Design
One feature of the project will solve Omega’s wastewater infrastructure challenge while fulfilling the LBC prerequisite to treat and purify a building’s wastewater with a chemical-free process. An Eco Machine, designed by John Todd, a pioneer in ecological design, will treat all of the campus wastewater. Omega, founded in 1978, currently has about 23,000 people pass through their campus each year attending wellness and personal-growth workshops and retreats, so on-site wastewater treatment is no small task. This past Earth Day, a couple hundred people planted 12,000 reeds, cattails and ferns in constructed wetlands. The wetlands are part of the Eco Machine, which can process 52,000 gallons of water in a day and meet advanced wastewater standards for nonpotable use.
Here is a link to the article

Fast Company Magazine

Fast Company Article mention of John Todd Ecological Design
The Omega Center for Sustainable Living is designed to make a LEED Gold structure look like a Superfund site. The $3.2 million Rhinebeck, New York, structure, which opens in July, will be the nation's first certified "living building," having no negative environmental effects. The centerpiece of the project -- designed by Kansas City, Missouri-based BNIM and John Todd Ecological Design of Woods Hole, Massachusetts -- is a revolutionary system that will clean 5 million gallons of wastewater a year. The facility also doubles as an education center focusing on -- what else? -- sustainable living.
Here is a link to the article

Chronogram Magazine

Chronogram Magazine - John Todd Ecological Design Mention
Designed by John Todd Ecological Design, winner of the 2008 Buckminster Fuller challenge award, OCSL’s Eco-Machine will generate all its own energy, heat and cool the building via geothermal systems, use solar and photovoltaic power, and collect and utilize rainwater. It is completely pollution free and carbon neutral. “OSCL represents Omega’s 30-plus years of commitment to modeling an integrated way of looking at the world and our place in it,” says Backus.
Here is a link to the article

Media Alert!
Dr. John Todd will keynote the opening of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL), a state-of-the art education center and natural waste water treatment facility located in central New York. The opening ceremony begins at 3:00 P.M. on July 16th, 2009.
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June 2009 Environmental Building News featuring John Todd Ecological Design.June 2009 Environmental Building News
Featuring commentary on the Omega Center for Sustainable Living's work with John Todd Ecological Design.
The Living Building Challenge

Sustainable Industries - Plants At Work - Jonathan Todd Guest CommentaryMarch 2009 Sustainable Industries Supplimental - Plants At Work
Feature commentary by Jonathan Todd, COO John Todd Ecological Design
Restoring Ecological Systems Through Technology

Dr. John Todd to Present at Climate Change Global Risks Conference 2009John Todd, PhD, David Benjamin, PhD and Jonathan Todd to Present at Climate Change Global Risks, Challenges & Decisions Conference

Copenhagen 2009, 10 – 12 March, University of Copenhagen and the International Association of Research Universities

The authors will discuss the theoretical basis for the concept, including a brief literature review of relevant work on the subject and the existence of carbon equivalent neutral or zero energy balance landscapes in the archaeological record. We will put forward suggestions for possible directions and programs for RD & D concerning the design and construction of such landscapes in the near and long term future, based on a recent paper by John Todd detailing the regeneration of the coal mining landscape of Appalachia into a low carbon region. The paper was judged as the winner of the first annual Buckminster Fuller award.

Visit From Mr. Paolo Lugari

While on a rare visit to the United States, Mr. Paolo Lugari, of the famed Los Gaviotas eco village in Colombia made a visit to John Todd Ecological Design in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

For more information on Mr. Lugari and Los Gaviotas eco village visit